Meet the Team

Our work would be impossible without the dedicated volunteers who work tirelessly to make our vision of a world without water scarcity a reality. 

Muhammad Bozdar
Shayaan Aqil
Arhum Arshad
Sukaina Himmati

The Movement

We are the children of immigrants, who left their beloved homeland in hopes for better opportunities for their children. Although Paani started as a nonprofit dedicated to giving back to those from disenfranchised communities in Pakistan, it has evolved into a movement. A movement that hopes to inspire others to invest their time and resources into creating a better future. Paani aims to ingrain this responsibility of community service in children of diaspora. We all can work today for a better tomorrow.

CEO, Co-founder

Sikander “Sonny” Khan is a visionary leader whose social impact initiatives have garnered international recognition, including the prestigious Diana Legacy Award for his humanitarian efforts with the Paani Project. As a Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft, he integrates his expertise in marketing and artificial intelligence with a deep commitment to community service. A proud alumnus of the University of Michigan, he holds a Bachelor’s of Business Administration and has been recognized as a first-generation college graduate with roots in rural Pakistan. Sonny’s accolades include Forbes 30 Under 30, TIME 100 Rising Stars, and the Gates Millennium Scholarship, reflecting his dedication to using technology for the greater good.

Head of Program Management

As Head of Program Management, Muhammad Bozdar oversees all projects in Pakistan. Muhammad works to ensure projects are being executed and meeting our exacting standards. As a leader, Muhammad focuses on regions where access to clean water is scarce. His work involves building water wells that not only meet immediate needs but also have long-term impact, changing lives by providing time and health to rural villagers.

Creative Director

Shayaan Aqil is a distinguished University of Michigan alumnus and a creative force behind the Paani Project’s brand identity and fundraising campaigns. With a B.S. in Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience, his academic excellence is matched by his creative talents as the project’s Creative Director. His honors thesis on “Sleep and self-regulation: A longitudinal analysis across adolescence” showcases his commitment to understanding the developmental aspects of health. Shayaan’s dual role as a scholar and a creative strategist has been pivotal in driving the Paani Project’s mission to combat water scarcity and foster community service. As he prepares for medical school, his multifaceted contributions continue to inspire and make a tangible difference in the world.

Wire Transfer Specialist

Arhum Arshad is an esteemed University of Michigan economics graduate and a co-founder of Paani Project. His expertise bridges finance and innovative strategy, significantly enhancing Paani’s mission. Arhum has been pivotal in securing grants, driving donation growth, and expanding Paani’s local presence. His approach, grounded in humility and collaboration, amplifies his leadership in the non-profit sector and beyond. Arhum’s technical skills in SQL and Agile, alongside proficiency in Urdu, Hindi, and Punjabi, enrich his diverse capabilities. As he propels Paani’s initiatives forward, his dedication to community service through volunteer work underscores a deep commitment to societal improvement, making Arhum’s contributions genuinely transformative.

Sukaina is a junior at the University of Michigan and is currently pursuing a degree in Neuroscience. After graduation, she aspires to attend medical school with a keen focus on neonatal intensive care.