Donate Your Qurbani / Udhiyah for Pakistan

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The Paani Project -Qurbani Online Donations

Spread the joy: Give Qurbani with the Paani Project and reach the people who need it the most this Eid ul Adha. After reaching millions of people with clean drinking water with your generosity, we aim to organize as many Qurbanis as possible to give meat packs to families with inadequate food supplies. For many people, this is the only time in the year they can eat meat.

Qurbani with Paani – Safe and Convenient

In the present lockdown and social distancing, if you find it challenging to arrange, Qurbani Paani can help you fulfil this religious obligation from your home. Paani provides you with a convenient service in which we sacrifice animals on your behalf and distribute the meat to deserving families. The covid pandemic has left many people jobless, increasing the problems associated with poverty and hunger. Take advantage of these blessed days and avail this opportunity to help those people safely and conveniently.

Paani Reaches the Most Deserving People

Help us reach as many people as we can to spread the spirit of Qurbani limitless. Your donation can help the deserving people and make them enjoy the blessing of Eid without worrying about feeding their families. You can give as many qurbanis as you want and for those beloved family members who have passed away. Celebrate eid ul Adha with those who are struggling to feed their families. With our cost-effective, reliable and efficient process, we make sure that your Qurbani reaches the most deserving and vulnerable families. Your donations are utilized to nourish the refugees, widows, orphans; earthquake ravaged, flood-affected, and drought-stricken people. Your Qurbani provides the needy families with a nutritional boost who get good and healthy food to eat for a couple of days and rarely get meat to eat. The Paani Project works with the developing communities the whole year and is well aware of the most deserving and vulnerable families.

Paani- Providing Fresh and High-Quality Meat

Our high-quality animal selection criteria make sure that the receiving families get fresh and good quality meat. The animals are selected that are free from any apparent defects and are fit for human use. The animals are slaughtered according to Islamic rules and guidelines. The meat is handled, packed and distributed with high-level hygiene standards. Donate today and play your part in this holy occasion that gives a message of sacrifice and sharing the gifts Allah has blessed you with.