It’s 3 simple steps

Starting your own fundraising campaign is super simple! Follow the steps below to learn more about this process.


Start a Campaign

Click the button below to set up a fundraiser on LaunchGood. When setting a goal, keep in mind that a hand pump (serves 50 people) is $200 and a deep water well (serves 200 people) is $600. Be sure to come up with a unique title and select an end date that gives you ample time to collect the necessary funds. Also, feel free to edit the “Story” section and add in some details about who you’re dedicating the well(s) to.


Collect Funds

Now that you’ve set up your LaunchGood, it’s time for the fun part! Share the link with your friends, family, and wider community to help save lives in Pakistan.



Once you’ve met your goal, please click the button to fill out a form so that Paani can start building your well. In 8-12 weeks you’ll hear back from us with pictures of the entire construction process. Be sure to post your well on social media and tag us @PaaniProject!