It’s 3 simple steps

Corporate matching allows for you to maximize your donation through a company, corporation,
and/or organization of your choosing. Follow the steps below to learn more about this process.



Donate towards any of our options under the Give page, whether it be through wells, orphan relief, or food distribution. Make sure to keep your receipt of your donation. Many companies, corporations, and/or organizations with whom you wish to match your donation with, will often give you a year after your donation to request a match. In addition to matching that donation, employers may also match stocks/bonds and volunteer hours. If you have already donated, please proceed to the next step.


Submit your matching request

To the right, please search for the company, corporation, and/or organization that you would like to match your donation with. We’ll verify for you if your employer participates in a donation matching program. If you cannot find your employer, please e-mail us at [email protected]



Once you have submitted the request for matching your donation, please email [email protected] in order to confirm your request. Employers can vary in the time it takes to process and match your donation as it may take a couple of weeks to receive their verification. Paani’s team will make sure to contact you once your donation has been successfully matched!

Want to give donations on a consistent basis?

Reach out to your HR department to discuss Payroll Giving.

Through payroll giving, you can make monthly, tax-free donations through each of your paychecks with no hassle.
Verify with HR that this option is available and become a monthly sustainer!