Who Builds The Wells?2020-04-10T21:27:58-04:00
After being vetted by our partner teams in Sindh and KPK, we hire contractors that partner with us in building wells.
Are The Wells Maintained?2020-04-10T21:25:45-04:00
Yes. When a well is first built, we periodically check whether the water is still pure every few months on rotation. Local community members also have a hotline number that they can call if there is some problem that develops with their water systems.
How Do You Choose the Well Location?2020-04-10T21:21:08-04:00
In Sindh, we build our wells in the villages around Mirpur and Tharparkar. In KPK, we mainly build around the villages in Swabi. We primarily build in these areas because we have already conducted an intensive needs-based assessment in these locations and our partner teams are situated in these areas. This ensures that we are working with the local community members to provide relief.
Do I Get to See Where My Money Goes?2020-04-10T21:17:19-04:00
As soon as the well is built, we send pictures of the entire process. You can expect roughly 20-30 pictures that include the initial drilling into the ground to the construction of the well to families drinking from the well.
Why is it More Expensive to Build a Deep Water Well in KPK Compared to Sindh?2020-04-10T21:09:48-04:00
This is based on two factors:
The Land. KPK has more rugged terrain, where the water basin is often much deeper than the water basin in Sindh. This means that deep well construction in KPK takes more time and requires more specialized equipment to drill
The Supplies. Sindh houses the largest ports in Pakistan, making it not only easier, but also cheaper to get materials for building wells. Whereas in KPK, the material needed is often shipped from other areas in Pakistan, which contributes to an overall increase in cost of production.
Is My Donation Tax Deductible?2020-04-10T21:10:53-04:00
Yes. Our Tax-ID is 83-2222109.
Is My Donation Zakat Eligible?2020-04-10T21:13:45-04:00
Yes. After talking with scholars, the money donated to Paani for the intention of providing drinking water for families from low socioeconomic backgrounds fulfills the conditions of Zakat.
Does Any Money From My Donation Go to Overhead Cost?2020-04-10T21:14:46-04:00
Paani does not keep a single dollar from your donation. However if you donate from our website, DonorBox will take a $25 fee that reflects on the cost of a well — $200 through Venmo vs. $225 online