Paani primarily alleviates water scarcity and increases access to clean water in Pakistan through the construction of handpumps and deep water wells. However as our community engagement and funding has increased, Paani has also built reverse osmosis plants, solar wells, and rainwater collection pits. From our first well built in 2018 to the 4,500+ water systems we have now built, our journey to provide clean water to rural villages will never end. 

Tube well

For $200, you can build a tube well that will support up to 50 people.

Deep Water Well

For $600, you can build a deep water well that will support up to 200 people.

Deep Water Well (KPK)

For $650, you can build a deep water well in KPK that will support up to 300 people



Million people die from dirty

water each year.

Through our Thirst Relief programs, we’re providing safe water to enable locals to drink, wash, clean and irrigate their crops as well as hydrate their animals. Our Thirst Relief programs lead to healthier lives, better educated communities and a route out of poverty.

How we make a difference

To ensure that our interventions are informed through community engagement, Paani has partnered with the Fast Rural Development Program (FRDP) and Takal Welfare Organization (TWO). They act as our eyes and ears on the ground, which helps Paani provide its donors with multiple options in donating for clean water wells, depending on the need of the area. Whether it be a tube well that can provide for a community of 200 individuals or a Solar Panel Water Center that provides running water to an entire village, our donors can make a significant difference on the lives of villages who often walk 2-3 kilometers a day to find clean water. 

Get Involved

Why not join together with family, friends, classmates and colleagues to raise the amount and transform an entire community?