Ramadan 2022

Ramadan has always been a beautiful duality of both internal reflection and external service. Our fasts from before sunrise to sunset create moments of reflection and of those reflections, we often are reminded of the forced fasts that many undertake across the world. While many of us finish our fasts with large meals, we need to remember that there are millions that break their fast with sips of water. Your internal reflections and prayers can often be done within your community or within your home. Finding reliable opportunities for service can be difficult. Inshallah, Paani Project aims to be the vehicle of your service this year.

Feeding 8 people for 30 days ($60)

Providing roughly 240 meals

Feeding 16 people for 30 days ($120)

Providing roughly 480 meals

Feeding 32 people for 30 days ($240)

Providing roughly 960 meals


Last Ramadan, Paani provided 2.5 million meals to Pakistani families struggling with food insecurity.

The Prophet (S) said that there are many people who fast and get nothing from their fast except hunger and thirst, and there are many people who pray at night who get nothing from it except wakefulness. Together we will make sure that our fasts are not empty, but become vehicles not only for our betterment but for the betterment of communities around us. Together we will build water systems across rural communities and provide food to those who need it most. Together we hope to be the answer to someone’s duas and be on the receiving end of their gratitude.

How Paani will make a difference this Ramadan

Every Ramadan, Paani leads an effort to alleviate common issues in rural and underdeveloped areas of Pakistan. This primarily consists of:
1) Building clean water wells and providing water containers to urban communities.
2) Providing food packages to families in need that last the entirety of Ramadan.