Why are your Paani’s prices so low?

We get this question a lot - "why are Paani's prices so low, but you provide detailed photos and videos in under 90 days each time you build a well in Pakistan? how are you doing this? I usually pay twice as much for a well." Paani was founded by and continues to be managed

Who Builds The Wells?

After being vetted by our partner teams in Sindh and KPK, we hire contractors that construct the wells. Paani and our on-ground team presides over the contractors during the entire building process, to ensure integrity and transparency.

Are The Wells Maintained?

Yes. After a well is first built, we periodically conduct checks to ensure the water is still pure every few months on rotation. In addition to our own inspections, it is critical for Paani to ensure community members are trained on how to maintain the wells and handle minute challenges that may arise. These local

How Do You Choose the Well Location?

In Sindh, we build our wells in the villages around Mirpur and Tharparkar. In KPK, we mainly build around the villages in Swabi. We primarily build in these areas because we have already conducted an intensive needs-based assessment  and our partner teams are situated in these areas. This ensures that we are working with the

Do I Get to See Where My Money Goes?

As soon as the well is built, we send pictures of the entire process. You can expect roughly 20-30 pictures that include the initial drilling into the ground to the construction of the well to families drinking from the well.

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