Paani Flint Initiative

The Paani Flint Initiative is a student-led project that works to provide on-ground aid to the city of Flint through various drives. In the past few months, this project has donated Covid prevention products to the homeless in Flint, in partnership with Muslim House. The care packages included face masks, gloves, hand sanitizers, as well as other hygiene products in order to help at-risk individuals during the pandemic. Upcoming projects will consist of water case distributions, hygiene product drives, as well as a face mask drive. For information on ways you can help, see contact information below.

Contact: Jayyid Wafiy | [email protected] | 810-262-1020

Feminine Hygiene Initiative 

“The stigma surrounding menstruation in Pakistan is a public health issue. Lack of sufficient menstrual hygiene products and inadequate information on menstruation have significant impacts on the nutrition, education, and overall health of women and girls. By means of educational curriculums and distributions, Paani’s feminine hygiene project is working to improve access to sustainable menstrual hygiene products and reduce the stigma of menstruation for women and girls in Sindh, Pakistan. Our goal is to alleviate the cultural stigma surrounding periods by incorporating a heavy emphasis on nutrition and sustainability, for the betterment of the community and the environment. With health-based interventions, this project hopes to provide a lasting improvement on the wellbeing of women and girls in rural Pakistan and their accessibility to safe menstrual hygiene products. Contact any one of the project leads below to see how you can get involved!”

Contact: Naquia Unwala | [email protected]

Contact: Hafsa Mahmood | [email protected]

Contact:  Sukaina Himmati | [email protected]