Project Description


Along with raising awareness, Paani is heavily involved in advocating for a change of policies and lifestyles to alleviate the dire consequences of the ongoing water crisis. Paani recognizes that the water crisis sits on the boundary of several widespread causes and a myriad of effects, and the best way to confront these issues and bring about significant change is through engaging with all citizens. Whether they are industrial leaders or school aged children, all citizens have a responsibility to learn about the water crisis, and the diaspora must take the initiative to do their part as well.

Keeping this core principle in mind, Paani’s ongoing waste management initiative and coloring book project aspire to educate, empower, and ignite change among all citizens. The waste management initiative is an attempt to understand the role of chemical dumping and pollution in contaminating water streams that reach rural villages, and the subsequent impacts these industrial activities have on long term individual health, water quality, and the community as a whole. Through partnering with reputed University of Michigan professors and passionate students, Paani was able to craft a letter detailing the specific effects of chemical pollution on the water supply and looks forward to publishing it Express Tribune, a leading news outlet for Pakistani youth.

The coloring book initiative hopes to educate and empower school aged children. University of Michigan students are working together to develop an easy to understand, engaging, and impactful story to showcase through a series of originally designed coloring book pages. These books will be shipped to schools in rural Pakistan, where children can actively partake in crafting their stories, and outline how they want to change the conditions.

Paani hopes to foster a greater sense of responsibility and hope among all populations in Pakistan through these initiatives and the many more to come.